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Serious Back Injuries Need Serious Personal Injury Attorneys

If you are suffering with a back injury, you are not alone. Approximately 70-85% of Americans suffer some form of back pain in their lifetime. Many of these cases are related to external factors that are outside of your control, through accidents in the car, slip and fall trauma, or workplace accidents. No matter the cause, the physical suffering of back pain and injury can be severe. The spinal systems have extensive connectivity to other parts of the body, and one small spinal misalignment can have extremely significant impacts. Apart from pain, limited mobility, and challenges managing everyday tasks, there are other negative aftereffects to back injury. Many people experience anxiety or depression following a frightening injury and may have trouble sleeping or focusing when awake. Plus, back injury often results in missing work and life obligations for rest and recovery time, leading to financial, familial and other personal life stresses on top of medical concerns.  

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Causes of Back Injury

Events, Risk Factors and Resulting Injury Types 

Understanding the cause and complexity of back injuries is exceedingly difficult. The variety of damaging eventsparticular physical risk factors, and frequency of opportunities for injury for a given individual create a unique and complicated basis for diagnosis of each case. Additionally, the prevalence of late-onset symptoms adds to the difficulty in assessing the physiologicalenvironmental, and circumstantial factors that were present at the time of the injury, and thus the root cause. The most common causes of lower back pain include pulled or torn muscles or ligaments. These types of injuries can occur from normal course of life activities, but often a serious accident event occurs resulting in significant pain and damage. A few of the major contributing factors to back pain and back injury are listed and described below.  


Slip and fall – such as slick flooring, icy surfaces, deteriorating stairs, broken walkways, poor lighting, etc. 

Workplace – including falls from heights, crush injuries beneath or between objects, fire & explosions, … 

Automobile accident – including cars, trucks, and 18 wheelers, motorcycles, scooters and more 


Age – 30-50 is the range when back pain often first occurs, risk increases with aging 

Genetics – family history of injury or disease to the spine and related systems 

Body composition – changes to weight, especially rapid changes 

Fitness level – loss of muscle mass through illness or lifestyle restrictions 

Occupational – heavy lifting, dangerous workplaces 

Backpack – heavy loads to carry, especially for smaller, less developed bodies of children 

If you are suffering with a back injury, you are not alone.

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